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Posted by Frances

I have a daughter named kesana, who works at the good will at the university area. She’s only been there a few weeks working the second shift, she had told one of the supervisor that she will be starting a new job with her mom,and she wanted to continue to work on second because the new job will be in the morning time it will not affect her working for Goodwill. Yesterday 925 19 when it was time to close. Her supervisor Mike call the job to ask to speak with her. Now this is what got me so upset he told my daughter that she was lazy he told my daughter she was very disrespectful he also told my daughter she was sneaky and how could you take another job when I let you work in my storehe also told her what goes around come around, is going to get you.she was trying to explain that she wasn’t leaving the store she just going to be working two jobs. But he was he wasn’t trying to hear that, in the meanwhile while he was on the phone disrespecting her and and knocking her down she was on the phone crying like a newborn baby.and I would never ever tell my child with any other child how much you are disappointed in them and that you’re lazy and you are sneaky.and for him to call up there and say that to her that was very disrespectful of him and he called himself a preacher,she also said he said a lot of other things to her that broke her down now when she got home she cried all night long that did not sit well with me.now from here on I am going to file charges against him I’m going to file charges to get I’m Goodwill for defamation of character he did not have to speak to my child that way I’m calling headquarters I’m calling anybody to get this resolved and he told her to leave his store that is grounds and don’t come back so therefore she was terminated for no reason. And as a mom that broke my heart because I’ve never spoke to her that way. Mike has an issue that have been several complaints about Mike that I heard before when my older daughter work there.so to let you guys know I’m not happy and I’m going to look for justice for my daughter just to let you know.

Posted by Anonymous

Hi my name is Seroj I’m 17years goodwill customer and supporter ,and I liked all goodwill store costumer service .today I was surprised in good will stor in Glendale 1622 w Glenoks ,because I but tow big things and I asked the casher give the box and he offer me three defined boxes the I chosed sambedy (he said I’m manager and supervisor )you can take only the other one (that one was very dirty)I said please give me the other one but he dosent give any box or bag.i said this is not good costumer service and ask his name but he didn’t say his name and I ask talk the manager he sad I’m manager and supervisor .this was very bad experience from good will store in Glendale Glenoks Blv.

Posted by Anonymous

The store manager in your Marshall, Tx store is rude, hateful to customers,and is NOT good for your business. More than once, I have seen and heard her belittle someone. It appears that she treats other employees with the same contempt. I will no longer contribute to that situation.

Posted by Anonymous

I went to the Goodwill yesterday on Crenshaw & Coliseum which is located in Los Angeles. I believe it’s store #26 The new managers they hired are very very rude. I witnessed the new assistant manager Alicia curse out her employees right in front of me yesterday. Also the store manager Jacqueline is rude. They follow you around the store accusing you of stealing. They don’t help out. Once I was in my car and I saw the Alicia girl screaming and cursing by the front door. They have raised the prices. All the other Goodwills I go to are cheaper. They ask for a Dollar donation when the owner of Goodwill is a billionaire. They donations go to the managers so that they can bonus. I have been going to this store for years. Yesterday was my last day all due to the rude managers. How can they have a picture of a pastor that’s invested in that church but act so devilish? They have some pretty good workers but those managers are something else. I pray they do something but highly doubt it. Stay away from Goodwill Crenshaw

Posted by Tammy

My name is Tammy I was in the Camby Indiana goodwill Sunday evening, I got there around 630. There were 3 different girls at the door, one had a walkie talkie and talked into it and said “Please run security cameras at the front cashiers. She said that once and then she said we have cop car coming about 5 times, The young gentleman at the registers he was clueless about what was going on. There was a red headed girl standing beside him telling him that a cop car is coming. The red headed girl was the one that was starting everything, when I walked in I heard her tell everyone else that “thats there problem they know that we close at 7”. They were very very rude. We all made it through the line, I even pulled out of parking lot and went across the street. When the last person left. They locked up and no cop car came. I seriously put that crap on to get everyone out of the store. The store post we close at 7. Then let people shop until at least until 6:45 before you start making announcements. All of the girls in that store was RUDE I go in there every weekend and spend well over 30.00 each time I will not be going into that Camby Goodwill again.

Posted by Anonymous

There’s a price at the rack what u should pay when u get to the register they turn a set into separates to charge double the price , that’s a no, then they come up with a price no. 3 that u should pay, very deceitful, was in the store over 2 hours to find out the pajama sets I wanted was double the price I had to put everything back , the manager decided I should pay whatever amount comes out of his mouth, this really needs to STOP.

Posted by J

Purchased glass measure cup. Once home while cleaning found broken glass in lip. Returned to store told no refunds or exchanges. Note:no signs displayed to inform public. I explained concern Goodwill would sell items that could cause harm to unsuspecting clients.

Posted by Anonymous

We shop in store at murrells inlet everytime we in town. The last 6 months store went down hill. Today I ask lady how much jacket was she said 5.99. When we check out cashier said 11.99. I said no not what i was told when i ask she said well its leather. It wasn’t leather. She called lady come from back was rude and hateful. She said 19.99. Really 3 employees give 3 different price. Lady from back was very hateful to us to point we told her just keep everything we walked out she yell as we went out door have good day un smart butt way. We spend between lot money in this store we in town abt every 3 months
We will not be back. I would like a response to this

Posted by Confused Customer

I bought a $9.99 pillow for my dad and didn’t notice it was ripped until I was at home. I went back to the same store and cashier on the same day, literally just 2 hours after the purchase and they denied it saying that it was a final sale, no refund item. Goodwill really should put a sign saying when it’s doing sales and no returns. Thought thrift stores were nice until now.

Posted by John

Ii stopped by saint cloud Goodwill to drop off 2 mirrors and the jerk at the receiving door said he couldn’t use them.I thought donations where for the public,this guy acted like it was his decision what Goodwill takes and don’t

Posted by Anonymous

So I understand good will’s return policy and that they all their clothing they have what they called double marked or double tagged. I’ve gone to the goodwill in the last 5 days 3 days of the 5 and I tried to return something yesterday and the manager
came and he it was kind enough to return it eith store credit the items they did take. and so I proceeded with my shopping after getting my in store credit and the manager came and found me to let me know in a very rude way I thought that if I was to return anything there ever again I would be 86 from the store because none of that stuff was bought there because it wasn’t double marked I purchased 4 more shirts that night and low and behold look at that they’re not double marked either so I’m going to be going into day to purchase some items ones that ive find items that are not double marked. Than I’m gonna make sure the cashier when I go to pay for it has checked everything to make sure there’s a double take because this is not OK I buy 4 mire shirts not one was double tabs so I can’t return them because ill be 86 from the store when I spend hundreds of dollars a

every year I spend at Christmas time I go in at least 2-3 times a month and I spend 300 bucks for I will just very upset with the way the manager handled this because I’ve only return things twice to the goodwill this was my 2nd return ever in The Dalles Oregon and I just felt like this was inappropriate in every way

Posted by Barbara

Can’t believe how I was treated in the Sturgis,MI store yesterday, July 17, by two of the youngest “brats” I’ve encountered. I asked if a set pf hamburger shaped salt and pepper shakers were $1.99 for the set or each as they each had a sticker on them. She said each. I asked if she was sure, as you usually buy a set, not just one. The one contained salt so I sprinkled just a very little in a bucket on the counter to show her it hadn’t been emptied. She did a huff and picked up the pail and set it hard in front of the girl next to her and told her to empty it. The customer behind me said “it should be for the set, you wouldn’t but one sock.” They (both girls) got really nasty and the one running the register asked very snottily if I had any coupons. I told her just my old person discount. She reluctantly gave me my discount, handed me my receipt and went on to the next customer without another word. On leaving I said, “you might want to empty the salt out of it or it will harden and break the shaker if it gets damp.” She said nothing.
We went to the car and the lady who was behind me in line,came out, tapped on my window and said she thought we’d like to know that when we left, the cashier threw the shakers in the garbage. I’m appalled. I’m sorry I didn’t go back and tell her I changed my mind and decided to buy them. I will NOT be shopping there again.

Posted by Susan

Stopped in the DELRAY BEACH, FL Goodwill. What has happened to this store. It has truly gone down hill. Super messy, disorganized and worse of all, ONE cashier with a long, long line of people. Not to mention it was Wednesday, senior discount day.
There was one gal working the register as best she could. Two other older women shuffling around behind the counter, ignoring every “guests.” I say guest because customers should be treated as such, not as annoyances. They completely ignored the long, long line. Could NOT have cared less. Several people in line walked out. Some of the folks in line had large purchases, because of the discount, and took awhile to ring, wrap items and process payments. Please, please do something to remedy this senseless lack of customer service.
Wed. 7/17/19 approx. 3pm. 1640 Federal Hwy Delray Beach, FL

Posted by Leigh

Yesterday I went to the Goodwill store in San Diego on 16 th while on vacation. I had a store credit to use for part of my purchase, store would not accept it. I was told when it was issued at the Arlington Heights, IL, that it would be good at ANY Goodwill store. I was very disappointed with the store that I left all my items there. I wanted corporate to be aware of what happened. What has happened to the customer comes first?

Posted by Hatteras

The Goodwills in South Texas are fitly, the one on Staples, Port, Flour Bluff, Portland and even the new one in Annaville are nasty from the floors, bathrooms and even the parking lot. Some of the items on the racks have holes staines and smells they should not be put out for sale I have even seen them sell skillets with the Teflon pealing off huge safety concern.

Posted by Mariairma1234

I was in your store on Friday found some great bargains and I’ve known the return policy but the manager said there were no refunds all sales were final. Is this store the only one that all sales are final I’ve shopped your stores all the way up to Kansas and had never been told that.

Posted by Debbie

Went to 2 different goodwill store today Saturday. 1st one located on Whittier and Colima. I can’t believe how dirty and unoriginal it was clothes all over the floor broken glass on floor. Went to the one in Rowland Heights and it also was dirty merchandise on floor. I ask as n employee about bookshelf and she was very rude and walked away. I will never ho to either one again. .

Posted by Skye

I donate tons of stuff to our local Goodwill and have had trouble multiple times returning non working items and things that don’t fit. I’m all for non profit organizations who help people however I think it’s sad that the people who give and give to help make them possible get treated this way over things that are donated in the beginning. The return policy definitely needs to be changed. Also, I have seen so many clothing items with broken buttons and zippers and the worst is dirty clothing. Unacceptable.

Posted by Bkackadder

I bought a Wii for 35 dollars and get home to find out it is broken and doesn’t read disk. The employee told me they test all the merchandise and it was fine when they sold it and they didn’t refund. I will never shop there again.

Posted by Anonymous

I shopped the Waycross, Georgia store today. My sister and I often look for great deals, usually once a week. There was only ONE fitting room open. I asked an employee to unlock the other door, as no one was in it. He said they are just keeping one open as “some customers don’t treat the rooms right”. I waited almost half an hour in line!! There were several people waiting when I left. This doesn’t make sense to me. Mostly clothing is sold at your stores. Why retard sales this way.

Posted by Susan

I shop at the store on Leesdale in Glendale CO. The last three time I’ve been there, people are sitting where the bins come out and are grabbing the items out of the bins. I asked to speak to a manager,but they didn’t bother to come out of the back room. Also, prices are being marked on items with marker, which in a lot of cases, doesn’t come off. Rethinking shopping Goodwill, and will spread the word!

Posted by Mesquite, TX

My son worked at Goodwill in Mesquite, TX for a year. He put in his 2 week notice prior to leaving the company. They have refused to pay him his last paycheck. Human Resource has continue to hang up on him and won’t give him answers to why they have not paid him. This is very poor service and leaves a bad impression on the company as a whole.

Posted by Cayla

I received the worst service from the store manager Tiffany at the Bethlehem pike location in Pennsylvania. I entered the store mid morning, noticing the color of the week was yellow. After hours of shopping, I had a cart full of clothes. At checkout they tell me the color is purple. When I told them it was yellow when I came in, they all but called me a liar. “Yellow was last weeks color,” they said. How would I know that unless it was in fact posted. No solution was offered. The manager wasn’t there so I called the next day to speak to her. She also all but called me a liar. It couldn’t have been her rude employees that made the mistake. I offered solutions, such as the senior discount or ringing the yellow products up as purple. Her response was she couldn’t give me discounts I wasn’t eligible for. When I stated that if this was they way they did business, I wouldn’t shop with them. Her response was ” you are welcome to shop as you please.” Then she hung up. Wow she is running a store and in charge of customer service. I’m sad to say my experience was great at first. A deaf lady helped my while I was shopping, she was very polite. There was a man who was genuinely happy to be working there. He greeted everyone, asked them to have fun shopping. I was very disappointed with the response of the manager on duty and the GM. It was a very pleasant environment. I’m sad that I will have to find another thrift store to shop at.

Posted by Anonymous

We go to the store at 4840 dixie hwy in louisville .Today someone had a dog with them i understand supertt pets but the store should enforce it be contained not running thur the store . we left the store abruply because i have a phobia with dogs.the syore clerks seem to be fine with it running thur the store.so if your store lets doges run freely post it on the door then no one will enter if they are not animal friendly.FYI.

Posted by Dissatisfied

Purchased a speck folio case from Goodwill in Anaheim on Lincoln. Brought it home but it did not fit my iPad. Took it back the same day for a refund, the lady told me no refunds are given not even store credit. Now I’m out $25, I will never donate to Goodwill ever again!

Posted by Like Tooles

I don’t question those complaints registered here; but as a Goodwill customer for the past 70 years I obviously think they’re at least “okay”. Recently, prices (here in Warrenton/Astoria Oregon) have been going up at Goodwill, and I am changing my method of selecting items.
Here’s my suggestion of what you can do when you return and item an have a credit slip. At my local store the Goodwill credit slip is useable for about 2 weeks (maybe longer – I have to read the slip each time. my bad memory is to blame).
Before that time is up, if I don’t find something I’d really love to buy, I can just buy Something (something I know is returnable)! I can keep the item and its sales slip in my car. I then have the next couple of weeks (at my G’will store) to look for something else to buy. Each purchase gives you another stretch of time for shopping with each “new” credit slip. Even so, I’ve never had to do this, because near the time limit, I have been lucky and found something I liked 🙂

Posted by Anonymous

I want to highly commend Jonathan the manager at the Carbondale, Illinois store. He is very polite and courteous everytime you see him. He does his best to resolve issues for all the customers. He is an asset to your business. I will gladly donate and shop at that store.

Posted by Rachel

Just wanted to let you know, when I was visiting Greenwood, SC store an employee was the very best. She was so helpful to me when I was looking for an item. Her name was Angie and she has beautiful red hair. She seemed a little shy but was friendly.

Posted by Anonymous

As I was shopping and looking around I experienced great outstanding customer service. Maria Avila was extremely helpful in helping me find the right items I was looking for. She is just the best most helpful employee I’ve met.

Posted by Anonymous

Excellent quote and customer service from Chris at the Macon Goodwill Auto Center.

He listened, followed up and quoted in a very professional and thorough manner!

Posted by Anonymous

I live and Aberdeen NC, And I love Good Will I am a regular. The reason for me e-mailing you is to let you no you have a awesome worker on your hands I dont see why he has not been promoted I tried to get him to come to my store but he’s satisfied and I told him I would put him as a key holder and work on him to become an assistance manager at Dollar General he said that he is waiting to get a manager position at Good Will Industries that he has been trying for the past 4 years so im going out my way because I believe that this young man I have saw work the cashier the door hanging and he does something and the back I hope you are proud because as a customer I am proud. I see him doing multiple jobs and he always smile thats a sign he enjoys Good Will Industries. He makes the customers keep coming back The person I am speaking of is Matthew Prince at Good Will and Abrdeen NC And Katina is a awesome manager as well and abrdeen NC I hope you put this into action because he is being notice by some one.

Posted by Anonymous

Keishon at the Tulare, CA location was very polite and well mannered and very helpful. He is the epitome of good customer service!

Posted by Blarbonymous

I have nothing negative to say about Goodwill. Their products are priced reasonably and most Goodwill stores that I have experienced are very clean and pleasant.

The staff is friendly and helpful. I once purchased a nightstand from a Goodwill in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and the worker helped me load the large (and heavy) item into my small car. It was certainly a challenge, but the worker was extremely helpful and went above and beyond to help me.

Great work, Goodwill!

Posted by Leah Starke

I work for goodwill in Aiken SC. When Ms. Correece was manager we had off every other Sunday and one weekend a month. Also when Ms. Robin was helping us before another manager was hired it was the same except sometimes we had off 2 Sundays in a row. As of this year I have been made to work every Sunday except for one and 2 more that I had to use pto to have off. One other person is always here with me as well on Sunday unless pto is used. Other special ppl have off many Sundays. I was promised this Sunday off coming but I have been told that it’s mandatory everyone work this Sunday. My grandson asked me if we were no longer Christians because he and my young son would always go to church with me every other Sunday. I told him we were but I assumed that the ppl running goodwill was not. I don’t feel it’s fair for certain ppl to have off multiple Sundays and other ppl none.
Also we have been told that the a c is working properly but the windows attract sun/heat and there is no insulation in the building. That was told to us today by 2 goodwill employees with goodwill written on their shirts. The customers are pouring sweat and so are the employees. Anytime a customer complains I ask them to please fill out a comment card. I believe about 15 have.

Posted by FireBugg

Goodwill is a good company to work for but lately the types of people thats been hired are rude and not professional at all the store that i have been in for several years is filthy and full of dust. The customer service is awful. Nasty bathrooms and no one seems to care.I have donated to the Bensawyer location for years but will never visit or donate to this store again.

Posted by Auntb

My step son works for Goodwill in Corinth, MS. He told me that he as an employee couldnt buy stuff at the store because he works there. I think thats pretty low down and sorry. Just because someone works at a place shouldnt mean they cant shop there. Thats the most retarded thing ive ever heard. Infact employees who qork there should be able to buy from there plus get employee discounts. Plus its a public store he can ahop there if he wants to. Its a public place.

Posted by Andrea Henry

My is Andrea Henry and I work for goodwill and Elizabeth manning is my manger and she is very unprofessional to be a manager she talks about coworker and customers.

Posted by Anonymous

I feel l was discriminated against. The store in Odessa has a now hiring sign by the street. I applied several
Weeks ago and never heard from them. Well I was in there today, the sign was still there. When I walked in the manager was right there so I asked him about a job, and told him I had applied a while back and was still looking for enployment. I am white. He told me that he was hiring cashiers but that they need to be bilingual.
Well standing right beside him was a white woman. Well before I left the store I asked her if she was bilingual and she told me no.I am well qualified to work there and I found it offensive. Laurie

Posted by Anonymous

I work with someone at the chino hills store he been harassing me he wants me to transfer I can’t I live close and his name is Morris he lies and makes up stores can you transfer him he lives in Riverside

Posted by Christa

So I use to work at the goodwill in Sanford fl 32771 on highway 46, I quit back in May 2015 because I found a better job that paid more. And yes I have been coming in and checking up and saying hi to some of my co-workers and I’ve honestly been hearing that things have gotten bad since Michelle Smiley left and then Rick who isnt the general manager but was in charge and is still in charge there . He’s had a few people walk out or quit on him because of the way things in that place are getting and the other day I went to drop 2 pairs of shoes off and happened to look in the back room/where house area and it was a disaster, I’ve never seen it that bad even when the first of the year came around we still had room to breathe that to me was crazy. And I believe it’s because Rick won’t stop ordering more stuff to be shipped to the store and that is a safety hazard for both the employees and the customers because we all know that the customers try to walk through the back as well.. My suggestion is to have the CEO walk through that place unannounced and see how much of a mess it is and how bad Rick is really doing. When I found out Michelle was leaving that’s when I started to look for a better job because in my opinion Michelle Smiley leaving is probably what made that place fall apart. and I didn’t want to stick around and watch it. She held it together no matter what anyone says and she did her best to stay positive everyday that she worked I saw her come in most of the time hyper with a smile on her face and ready to start the day and yes she worked most everyday and almost every shift she worked was a 12 hour shift or longer but she went for something better in the company because she had her boss’ Anna and Rick on her all of the time to make sales and do better even tho she was making sales and I’ll tell you right now she did better in the 2 years she worked at that store and she never not once ever had one of her employees walk out or quit on her I’m not saying that she needs to be brought back to the store because I completely understand why she left but I do think that you need to find someone like her to take over that store because Rick being in charge just isn’t cutting it and the co-workers that I consider family are falling apart because it would seem as tho Rick cares more about keeping the place a mess then having everyone still work as a team and keeping the place clean..

Thank you
Christa Faint

Posted by Anonymous

Worked at st Robert for 25 years the abuse and treatment horrible. Vickie would say horrible things to me in front of other staff and was I a lead. The day it was minus 12 and opener vickie left message I had to unload the whole st Louis truck and I did with no winter proper clothing. I’m was so cold had to have Kim help me close the trailer. Kim heard my shoulder bone break. Workmen comp no ex rays put in sling and physical therapy. After 6 months in sling Vicki at me for production got my own doctor. Being antique and bargain shopper and know what’s worth I put out full carts and good price . I know value and had things put on line. Wrote a statement about kim and Anita fixing pricing and buying it. Anita gets fired for stealing a deposit which she said would pay and spent money on attorney. Deposit found at bank not my friend she could sue the bank and you. You say not profit organization know better.

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